Things to do in Neil Island

When you visit a place you tend to ask yourself several questions like; What do I expect to see? Or Are there any fun activities there? Worry no more. Today it is all about Neil Island and the things you will too or the must do things when you visit Neil Island.

Neil Island

Neil Island is a small island located about 30 Km south of Andaman Islands. Neil Island is famous for its unexploited coral reefs, magnificent biodiversity, white sandy beaches and its greenery i.e. covered with beautiful tropical forest and vegetation. Thus making Neil Island the tourism hot spot in Andamans.

Its high concentration of vegetation and forest made it get nicknamed the “Vegetable bow” of the Andamans. Its natives named its beaches from characters from the historical epic Ramayana; Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur, Ramanagar and much more. The Iceland is so tiny in such a way that one can walk around the Island in two hours or so.

There is a range of things you can do when you visit Neil Island. These things can be categorized into two; sightseeing and activities. Sightseeing includes all those places you can visit or tour to get that natural, beautiful and green pleasant and heart-melting view whereas activities are those fun things you can do with friends, family and other people you visit Neil Island with.


There exist very beautiful beaches with attractive sky blue waters and white sand. These sights are so magnificent that you have to see an experience them personally. They include;

Lakshmanpur Beach

This beach lays about 2km north of Neil jetty and is a long spur of white sand with very shallow waters that makes the beach the perfect spot for Snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming. At this beach also offers a magnificent view of the sunset.

One of the main attraction here is the natural rock formation i.e. coral formation.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

It’s a very small Island located south of Neil Island’s tip. The locals refer to it as “small” Neil and were termed as a wildlife sanctuary since it’s a turtle nesting ground. You can visit this Island only during the day and you will need a permit from the Deputy Ranger Officer, Neil Island’s Forest Department.

Bharatpur Beach

This a broad sandy beach locates about a kilometer away from jetty and is one of the best ground for swimming and coral viewing. There are glass-bottomed boats that are available for hire in case you want to go for coral viewing. This beach is also famous for a variety of fish due to the large population of corals. Making it a perfect fishing ground.

Sitapur Beach

This is beach is about 4 km south of Neil Island and its openness makes it the perfect spot for viewing sunrise and also the beautiful vegetation, variety of greenery and limestone formation.

Howrah Bridge.

This is reflected through the process of rock formation along the Laxmanpur Beach. This bridge was formed through sea waters influence and dissolving some part of the ridges of rock at the beach’s cliffs.

Neil Kendra

This is the village market but what makes it stand out is that when you view the beach from it, the beach tends to appear as a beautiful long arc. It also stands as the central position of the Island as it is between Bharatpur beach and Laxmanpur bitch.

Apart from sightseeing there also several other things you can do when you tour Neil Island. This thing may include;

Scuba Diving

This is one of the most called for activity or rather sporting activity whenever one visits Neil Island. With the provision of modern equipment like oxygen cylinder and well-trained guides makes it possible to take part in deep sea scuba diving. The guides also show you the most magnificent sites to view and explore.


With the shallow and clear water and beaches Neil Island a great environment for swimming. Swimming not only helps you exercise but also help relax the mind and build one’s spirit. The shallow beaches allow for swimming by both adults and kids but for deeper waters, one can hire floaters from the local salesmen.


One of the fun outdoor activities to do while in Neil Island. This is favored by the flat terrain of Neil Island as compared to the other Andaman Group of Islands. This is also the best way to tour the Island since the Island is so tiny. Cycling also has its own benefits like improving strength, stamina, and aerobic but safe fitness. This also a good option for those who don’t enjoy scuba diving and other water sporting activities.


This is where you get to observe and explore the exotic underwater marine like and the magnificent coral reefs. This is possible due to the clear and calm sea water surrounding the Island. This is popular among kids due to the Kids Holiday but can also be enjoyed by the adventurous adults.

This activity doesn’t really require any training and anyone can take part. It also gives room for other underwater sporting activities like underwater rugby.

Water Sports

With the perfect and clear sea waters and the conducive environs of Neil Island water sporting is one of the best activities or things anyone who visits this Island can do. For those who like adventure and fun sports, there are lots of water sporting activities you can engage in like sea walking, scuba and deep sea diving and much more. And for this, there is a Water Sports Complex that conducts a variety of water sporting activities such as Jet Ski, sped boats, banana rides and much more. Neil also provides perfect grounds for Forest Trekking.

Game Fishing

Due to the presence of plantains Neil Island’s sea is a breeding place for schools of fish, making the Island a perfect destination for the fishing enthusiasts. There are several organizations or groups of locals who provide a variety of fishing equipment and boats and also guides who are experts and familiar with the sea and all its fishing grounds.

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