Things to Do in Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Among the 350 islands of Andaman and Nicobar, Port Blair is the most famous and beautiful holiday spot. It is the largest city in the Andaman Islands with many tourists attraction. Port Blair is a perfect place to make the best of your vacation. The soothing sunsets, adventurous water sports, delicious food, a lot to shop, and what not! By visiting Port Blair, you’ll experience another side of yours. People from all around the world come to enjoy every bit of this place and gather all the beautiful memories with them. This will be a good read for you if you think you could get bored in Port Blair and if you do not have any idea about what to do there.

Things to do in Port Blair

1 .Sight Seeing

Port Blair has plenty of fabulous sightseeing spots for the tourists, which provide them a sensation of completeness and fulfillment.

Following are some spots which are popular for their beauties and interesting history:

Mount Harriet: It is a place famous for the breathtakingly beautiful hill-top view. Mount Harriet is 1200ft high and is located on other side of the Ross Island. It has an amazing top view of the Indian Ocean and it is suggested to visit it in the early morning to experience the sunrise.

Mini Zoo:Port Blair’s mini zoo helps one understand whywildlife is so much important for our society. It has a variety of rare birds and animals for the tourists and specially for the kids. This Mini Zoo is not only about watching different animals and birds but it also helps in educating visitors about the importance of wildlife.

Cellular Jail: It is a place in Port Blair with a mesmerizing history. Cellular Jail is a prison in which numerous Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned for life with torture and abuse. It is famous for its amazing yet stressful architecture and is one of the best historical places of Port Blair.

Sippighat Agricultural Farm: There is a farm named Sippighat Agricultural Farm which isfifteen kilometers away from Port Blair. Port Blair is known for its uniqueness and this agricultural farm is no different. It is operated by the Government on 80 acres of land and is specialized in producing a variety of spices,such as cloves, cinnamon, pepper, etc. .

Light and Sound Show: If you want to have some goosebumps then Light and Sound show is a must watch. It is the centre of attraction in Port Blair. This show will leave you speechless with teary eyes. The Light and Sound Show is held every evening near Cellular Jail to offer respect to the Indian freedom fighters..

Museum Tours:Having a trip to Port Blair but not making a single visit to any local museum is what they call incompleteness. There are many interesting museums in Port Blair, including Samudrika Marine Museum, Anthropological Museum, Fisheries Museum and many more. These museums portray the tribal culture and importance of the marine life. People who consider museums as a boring place must pay a visit to understand theirreal meanings. .

2. Fishing

Port Blair is full of islands and beaches, and it is necessary for all the fishing fans to take an advantage of it. A fishing trip means a busy day. Enjoy the calm water sound, peaceful environment, and rich marine life by starting off your journey at 7am and taking a boat from Port Blair to Chidiyatapu. Fishing will not be boring if you’re fond of it, and there are guides available for those who’re fishing for the first time. A variety of fishes can be found there, like Yellow fin Tuna, Broadbill Swordfish, Monster Dogtooth Tuna, Black and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, and Giant Trevally.

3. Restaurants

A holiday without food is an absolute disaster.So while planning a trip to Port Blair, list out all the famous restaurants to experience the real taste of Andaman cuisines. CourtyardRooftop Restaurant:You can have an amazing experience of food and ambiance by visiting the Courtyard Rooftop Restaurant located near clock tower, Aberdeen bazaar. Enjoy the breezy air with the yummiest veg food according to your preference.Durbar Hotel & Juice Bar: It is a small restaurant which can belocated easily andoffers an ordinary and original taste of food for the people who crave for local foods during holidays.Blackbeard’s Bistro: It is an ordinary yet classy restaurant in Port Blair. The ambiance of Blackbeard’s Bistro makes everything perfect with cute little lights. It’s a low-budget restaurant offering both veg and non-veg items. .

4. Shopping

Women can’t define a vacation without some shoppingand while on holidays, one or two days of shopping is a must for them. Port Blair represents the beauty of Indian cultures and traditions, and it can be seen from various shopping areas.Sagarika Government Emporium: It’s a great shopping area for ladies with a variety of jewelries, different accessories, shell art, lampshades, bangles, etc.Aberdeen Bazaar: It’s a place with local roadside shops and government emporiums where you’ll get everything from artifacts to T-shirts. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy the delicious Lighthouse Residency meal situated inside the market..

5. Water Sports

Port Blair has a lot to offer tothe adventure lovers. There are many places here which can increase your holiday excitement. As there are many islands and beaches in Port Blair, this place encourages the most adventurous and lively watersports which can bring a new energy in you. Places like Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and Jolly Buoy Island offer the following water sports:

1 . Scuba Diving
2 . Snorkeling
3 .Jet Skiing
4 .Kayaking
5 .Banana Ride
6 .Sea Bed Walking

To conclude, millions of people from around the globe visit Port Blair every yearwith different meanings and thoughts about holidays. For some, holiday is about resting in tranquility, for few it’s only about food and shopping, and for the rest it is about adventurous. No matter what, Port Blair has everything for everyone!


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