The Best Seafood Restaurants in Port Blair

What’s the best part about travelling? For some people, travelling is about exploring new cultures, for some it’s a way of spending some quality time with their families, and for others travelling is the time to have some adventures. No matter what people’s perception of travelling is,everyone has one thing in common - love for food. During travelling, the cuisines you taste in one city would be totally different in the other one.

The capital of Andaman, Port Blair, is an ideal vacation destination for travel lovers. As this place is all about islands and beaches, you could guess that the specialty of Port Blair is nothing other than ‘seafood.’ The increasing rate of tourism in Port Blair has resulted in the development of good food and restaurants according to everybody’s taste.

Now let’s see some of the top restaurants in Port Blair.

1. Blue Marlin Restaurant

A hotel named TSG Emerald View in Port Blair has an in-house restaurant known as Blue Marlin Restaurant. It is one of the best restaurants of Port Blair. Blue Marlin’s classy ambience and environment with beautiful decor always attract the visitors. This restaurant is excellent in customer service and provides fresh and quality food according to the guests’ preferences. The Blue Marlin Restaurant has many delicious cuisines on its menu, but it is mainly famous for its mouth-watering seafood. One thing which attracts visitors the most is its special daily seafood menu. Although every item served in the Blue Marlin Restaurant is exceptional, its seafood is just out of the world. This restaurant’s hit items include Tandoori Prawns and Red Snapper.

2. Lighthouse Residency Restaurant

In any list of the most popular restaurants of Port Blair, Lighthouse Residency Restaurant will always be included. This restaurant is very close to the Cellular Jail and is loved by the tourists because of its perfect location. The Lighthouse Residency Restaurant is not overratedat all and it is everybody’s favorite due to its unique style and food varieties when compared to other restaurants. The chefs are professional and experienced, and can cook as per the guests’preferences. The Lighthouse Residency Restaurant is focused to attract the tourists and foreigners. If you’re craving for seafood on your first day in Port Blair then this restaurant is highly recommended for you due to its great customer support and services. This restaurant is famous for the ‘Dish of the Day’ service which includes fish, prawn, crab, lobster, and squid which are always served fresh. The highly-recommended dish of the Lighthouse Residency is Crab Curry, so you should never miss it.

3. Mandalay Restaurant

Being a part of ITC’s Fortune Resort Bay Island, Mandalay Restaurant is located in Marine Hill, Port Blair. Mandalay is a buffet restaurant which is listed as one of the most popular restaurants in Port Blair. It is a great place for people who crave for the North Indian and South Indian food while roaming in Port Blair. Mandalay Restaurant can be suggested for both lunch and dinner, as it offers the traditional taste of India’s seafood in an Andamanese and Nicobari style. Mandalay is mainly famous for its ambiance. The beautiful surrounding, perfect location, and soothing blue water can easily catch the visitor’s attention at first sight. There’s alsoan upstairs bar available for the guests to enjoy some drinks before or after meals. Mandalay Restaurant serves the appetizing seafood dishes among which Amritsari Macher Jhol and Goan Fish Curry is the all-time favorite.

4. New Lighthouse Restaurant

A crowded restaurant located near Marina Park in Port Blair, New Lighthouse Restaurant is a favorite spot of seafood lovers. This restaurant serves both veg and non-veg cuisines; therefore, it is usually packed with both tourists and locals. Although the interior of New Lighthouse is not much appealing, the location and architecture attract most of the tourists. The New Lighthouse Restaurant is ideal for a breezy open air dinner at the rooftop. The seating is perfectly arranged in the garden, balcony and rooftop for the best view of the ocean. In the New Lighthouse Restaurant, people can choose from the daily specials with the preferred cooking style to beer to compliment the dish. This restaurant is famous for its delicious crabs, lobsters, and grilled fish.

5. Corbyn’s Delight

The restaurant, located at Peerless Sarovar Portico, is considered as one of the most exceptional eateries of Port Blair. The Corbyn’s Delight has an excellent interior décor which attractsa number of visitors. The calming ambience of this restaurant is comforting for the guests, thus makeing this place delightful. The customer service provided by Corbyn’s Delight is highly appreciable, as the staff and management are very friendly and always ready to help with the queries. The Corbyn’s Delight is a multi-cuisine restaurant but specialized in serving tempting seafood dishes. It also serves the buffet dinner which seems perfect when the tourists are tired and hungry after spending a busy day on the beach. The major attractions of Corbyn’s Delight are Grilled Fish and Fish Pakora.

6. Afloat Floating Restaurant

Afloat Floating Restaurant is surely one ofthe most exciting seafood restaurants in Port Blair. The concept of this restaurant is about having a dinner while floating on the ocean. Afloat Floating Restaurant is not a normal restaurant and this is why tourists are crazy about it. Afloat Floating Restaurant is actually a boat designed into a restaurant which picks up the customers and ride around the Andaman to give them an exceptional dining experience. The waiters and the staff are dressed as sailors to let you enjoy the dinneron the cruise. The specialty of this uniquerestaurant is seafood with many tempting options.

Finally, tourists from all around the world visit Port Blair to have the best time of their lives. When it comes to food, Port Blair will never disappoint you. This list is just a trailer and there are many more restaurants available for the seafood lovers.

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