Shopping in Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and an excellent choice of holiday destination. The lavish greenery and naturally azure beaches are so distracting that people from India and all over the world cannot resist visiting it. Apart from nature, food, historic background and water sports, shopping is another option for the tourists of Port Blair.

People of Andaman and Nicobar are eminently talented, and many of them they earn their living by making beautiful artifacts. Shopping in Port Blair is not similar to the other tourist spots since it’s not about brands or expensive electronics. Port Blair is the heart of Andaman, therefore its shopping spree mostly includes traditional collections of island crafts. There are a variety of choices and shopping places available for the tourists to purchase the best souvenirsat Port Blair.

Best Shopping Malls in Port Blair

1. Aberdeen Bazaar

The most famous shopping spot in Port Blair is the famous Aberdeen Bazaar. It is located in the City Center and provides a pureshopping experience inPort Blair. Aberdeen Bazaar is not a highly modern mall, but an old-fashioned yet colorful market which offers both regular as well as exotic goods to the tourists and the locals. People with excellent bargaining skills should definitely visit this bazaar. Aberdeen Bazaar has a variety of fascinating stuff for everybody, such as good quality fabric, pearl necklaces, beaded jewelry, and exquisite spices. Catholic churches and well-known eateries are also the main attractions of Aberdeen Bazaar. Tourists can spend a fun-filled day shopping in this bazaar.

2. Sagarika Government Emporium

Sagarika Government Emporium is a shop in Port Blair which is owned by the Government and considered as one of the most famous shops here. The most special thing about this shop is it sells goods made by the local people, which is a big help for them and their livelihood. This shop is a heart of Port Blair, as it is assisting the local population to gain the self-worth by working hard on their own. The Sagarika Government Emporium is filled with interesting handicrafts which gather tourists’ attention without even entering into the shop. Visitors can find various interesting and eye-catching artifacts which represent the local tradition, such as shell accessories, coconut lamps, bamboo furniture, wooden goods, etc.

3. MG Road

Just like every other city in India, Port Blair also has a street named after the great Mahatma Gandhi. Every Indian clearly understands the importance of M. Gandhi and the road after him is a great representation of Indian culture and tradition in front of the tourists. MG Road is the shopping hub of Port Blair since it is the only place in the city where tourists can find every kind of shops. The price ranges are suitable for every budget and both household and luxurious items can easily be found at the MG Road. Not only different types of shops but MG Road also has affluent resorts, eateries and hotels due to the increased rate of tourism.

4. Queen Sea Shell Craft

Queen Sea Shell Craft, ashop situated in Aberdeen Bazaar, is literally a dreamland for tourists in Port Blair. Everybody understands the burden of going on holidays, which is buying gifts for friends and family. After enjoying your vacation in Port Blair, you can come to the Queen Sea Shell Craft Shop where you’ll find perfect souvenirs for your friends and family.

People don’t need to go anywhere after reaching this store. There are a variety of gift items available which make the tourists to fall in love with this place. Kids are mainly attracted towards The Queen Sea Shell Craft shop because of the unique bracelets, earrings, and other accessories made of sea shells. Bamboo handicrafts and coconut shell lamps are also included in their favorites.

5. Government Emporia

Government Emporia is situated in the heart of Port Blair, City Center. It is a shopping complex which is famous for selling items collected from the Andaman Islands. Government Emporia is an ideal place for tourists, as it offers the best part of the tradition of Andaman. One’s bargaining power should be strongly necessary to shop at this place. The hard work of skilled artisans in the islands is totally mesmerizing and eye-catching. People can purchase lots of interesting stuff at Government Emporia either to gift someone or for home decor. After entering into this shop, it is nearly impossible for the customers not to buy something due to the irresistible handicraft designs. Wooden accessories, candles and jewelry made of seashells are the main attraction of Government Emporia.

6. Shopping Singapore

Don’t worry; you do not have to visit Singapore for visiting this place. You can easily find this shopping complex in the Aberdeen Bazaar, Port Blair. You must be wondering that why is it called Shopping Singapore? This is because it provides you an experience of shopping in Singapore without even going to Singapore.

Shopping Singapore is a place where tourists can find everything under one roof. No problem if you have left your camera in your home, since Shopping Singapore has a variety of electronic products and stationery for you.

7. Anthropological Museum

Wondering why am I suggesting a museum in a list of shopping places? Anthropological Museum is not an ordinary museum. It is so far the best museum in Port Blair and a beautiful place to visit. Anthropological Museum consists artifacts made by the tribal society of Andaman Archipelago way before the British colonization, which means a lot to the people of Andaman.

Inside this museum, there’s a shop operating by women which sells CD’s which represent the great culture and lifestyle of ancient Andaman people and how they developed their home in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

To conclude,Port Blair is a beauty in its pure sense. Shopping here is easy, pocket friendly as well as fun-filled. So you should make the best of Port Blair through shopping for you, your family and friends.

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