Places to visit in Neil Island

Neil Island is one of the tiniest islands in the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands and it is positioned about 30 Km south of Andaman Islands. This Island is well-known for its white sandy beaches with clear and calm waters, its beautiful and vast greenery and its unique and spectacular rock formations.

With all these blessings Neil Island is one of the top tourist destinations among the group. Its surroundings an historical heritage provide a variety of places one can visit whenever they visit the island for leisure and fun.

Among the places to visit are the spectacular beaches in Neil Island; Laxmanpur beach, Ramnagar beach, Sitapur beach and Bharatpur Beach. Every beach is located in a specific village in which it is named after. The beaches are also named after the mythical characters of an epic “Ramayana”.

Apart from actual places, there are several festivals or rather cultural events that are conducted yearly and for a specific duration to celebrate the natives culture and heritage. This forms a perfect ground for getting to explore various practices and also know more about the locals. The cultural festivals are the Island Tourism Festival and The Subhash Mela which you will learn about shortly.

Best Places in Neil Island

Among the places to visit are the spectacular beaches in Neil Island; Laxmanpur beach, Ramnagar beach, Sitapur beach and Bharatpur Beach.

Island Tourism Festival

Island Tourism Festival is held every year during the winter season and is a 10-day event. During this period the locals and visitor dress up in traditional artier, cook traditional food and go out to meet new people. This has made the Island Tourism Festival more popular to the outside world that it attracts tourists from several places who come to Neil Island just to participate in this festival.

Subhash Mela

Subhash Mela is a cultural festival held once a year in the month of January and last for about one week in Neil Island. This festival is themed and conducted in the honors of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the Indian fore father who fought for the Indian independence from the British. During this period the locals organize several cultural activities and program for the event. A perfect time to go out and enjoy with the locals.

Sitapur Beach

At the tip of Neil Island and about five kilometers away from Neil Kendra, the largest village market lays Sitapur Beach. The beach is exposed to the sea making it regularly affected by high tides. But this is no shortcoming, the beach is well-known to be the perfect spot for early morning sunrise viewing. And also due to its crystal clear waters its ideal for swimming.

The beach is blessed with limestone formation, greenery, palm trees that offer shade for those who want to relax by the beach and also fine and soft sands. For those looking for peace, intimacy and some alone time during vacation this the perfect beach to visit as it is less crowded and not flooded by tourist.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur is located in the village of Laxmanpur about 2 kilometers from the beautiful Neil Jetty. The beach is popular for white shell sand, shallow waters, and corals that make it an ideal point in Neil Island for activities like snorkeling. Its clam and clear shallow waters also give it an added advantage for activities like swimming and even sun baths.

The long spur of white shell sand make Laxmanpur Beach ideal for long evening beach walks and also offer a favorable location for sunset viewing. Its large size makes it able to accommodate a large number of visitor, unlike Bharatpur.

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach, also known as “Beach number 3” is located south west of Neil Island. To its west lies Sitapur beach hence they join together to form a large and long beach. Just like Sitapur Beach, Ramnagar Beach a perfect ground for swimming.

Bharathpur Beach

Located just a kilometer away from Neil Island Jetty, Bharathpur is the tourist’s hub of Neil Island and is flooded with tourists all year round. It is also known to be one of the most spectacular beaches of Neil Island due to its broad stretch of white sand and clear and calm waters.

The beach is blessed with colorful coral reefs that add to its beauty and boosts it attraction making it one of the best places in Neil Island for swimming and snorkeling activities. You can also hire glass bottomed boat rides to get a clear glance at these magnificent coral reefs. But what makes Bharathpur Beach more attractive is the natural tropical forest along the beach that gives it that spectacular ecosystem and a soothing sense appeal.

Neil Kendra

This is the largest village market in Neil Island where most of the foods and other locally products goods and artifacts are sold. But what makes Neil Kendra stand out sis the view that embrace your eyes whenever you look at the beach from this market, the beach tends to appear as a beautiful long arc. It also stands as the central position of the Island as it is between Bharatpur beach and Laxmanpur beach.

Here you will also be able to get to experience the life and the hospitality of the locals themselves far away from the confined and enclosed Hotels and resorts. They will even give you a hint of some of the secretes behind Neil Island, its history or even some of the magnificent places you are missing out on.

Howrah Bridge.

This is reflected through the process of rock formation along the Laxmanpur Beach. This bridge was formed through sea waters influence and dissolving some part of the ridges of rock at the beach’s cliffs. This spectacular weather event is a marvel in Neil Island and forms a perfect point for you to take a picture and create memories.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

It’s a very small Island located south of Neil Island’s tip. The locals refer to it as “small” Neil and were termed as a wildlife sanctuary since it’s a turtle nesting ground. You can visit this Island only during the day and you will need a permit from the Deputy Ranger Officer, Neil Island’s Forest Department

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