Places to Visit in Port Blair

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a union Indian Territory located in the Bay of Bengal. Port Blair isone of the largest cities of Andaman district, and the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.This place is popular for its beautiful tourist destinations. As Port Blair is in the heart of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, it is usually jam-packed with people compared to the other islands. Port Blair exists on the east coast of the South Andaman Island with many amazing destination points. Port Blair is a place which attracts people for its alluring sceneries and interesting museums. As a result, tourists from all around the world tend to visit this place very often. There are many beaches, islands, and historic places situated in Port Blair, making it quite appealing for the visitors.

Tourists Attraction

Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail, also acknowledged as ‘KaalaPani’, is one of the most famous places of India known for the struggle of independence. Cellular Jail was built in 1906 and is famous for its political history. This jail which used to be the most torturous and distressing for the Indian freedom fighters has now becomea famous tourist destination. The Cellular Jail’s construction started in 1896 and the most fascinating yet depressing thing about this place is its architecture containing suffocating and abnormally small prison cells. Now this place is very popular for its Light and Sound Show which is held every evening as a small gesture to appreciate the Indian struggles.

• Mount Harriet National Park

There are about 9 parks in Andaman but Mount Harriet National Park is the most popular among them. Tourists can reach this place by road or by ferry from Port Blair. Mount Harriet is the most refreshing place to visit in Port Blair. Mount Harriet is the highest land in South Andaman with365m heightand is perfect for the breathtaking hill-top view. It is recommended to visit Mount Harriet in the early morning to experience the view of the soothing sunrise. From the top of Mount Harriet, people can enjoy an amazing view of the Andaman Islands and Indian Ocean. This place is perfect for those who enjoy tranquility, as it is far away from the crowded area.

• Limestone Caves

A journey of an hour or two from Port Blair will take the tourists to the Baratang Island. Those who don’t enjoy beaches and water sports will enjoy theLimestone Caveof theBaratang Island. Reaching to the Limestone Cave is actually the most fun part of the trip because of the boat journey. On the way to the Limestone Cave, the boat will pass through the Tribal Reserves of Baratang Island which is very famous for its tribal population. Limestone Cave is a delightful place as it offers a feeling of being in a mangrove forest. The most special thing about this place is its originality. The structures of Limestone Cave have been formed millions of years ago and haven’t been exploited in any way.

• Marina Park and Aquarium

A place in Port Blair which is operated by the Indian Navy is Marina Park and Aquarium or Samudrika Marine Museum. This place is there for those who know the importance of marine life and eager to know more about it. This marine museum has a variety of fishes, corals and also the complete skeleton of a blue whale.

Samudrika Museum is divided into five segments:

1 . Geography of a district.
2 . History of Andaman Island’s.
3 . Archeology.
4 . History of Marine life.
5 . History of Antiquarianism.

• Japanese Bunker

For people who’re obsessed with histories, there is a place in Port Blair named as Japanese Bunker. As one can guess, Japanese Bunker was constructed by the Japanese soldiers. Japanese Bunker is a famous historic spot and itwas built during World War II for the protection from enemy bombs and bullets. This place is ideal for all the photographers. Japanese Bunker’s well thought structure and clean architecture make it more amusing and attractive. It’s a place which can bring lots of thoughts in one’s mind and eagerness to explore more. Japanese Bunker is a perfect place to relax and spend some quality time with one’s family.

• Anthropological Museum

One of the best and the most visited museumsin Port Blair is Anthropological Museum. It is located in the West of Port Blair. This museum gives a perfect intellectual and thoughtful depiction of local community and tribes of the Island. Anthropological Museum is one of the oldest museums not only in Port Blair but also in India, and is maintained by the Anthropological survey of India. It is a place for those interested in exploring the life of thisarchipelago. AnthropologicalMuseum illustrates purity and delights the visitors with inspiring historic background. There are various weapons and tools displayed in the museum which were once used by the tribe members. Its main attraction is focused on the eras of Nicobarese, the Sentinelese, the Onges, the Jarawas, and the Shompens.

• Chatham Saw Mill

If there’s any other place for kids to enjoy other than the local beaches, it is Chatham Saw Mill. It is one of the oldest saw mills of Asia which was setup in 1883 under the British Administration. Chatham Saw Mill is the biggest and one of the popular destinations for tourists in the Andaman Islands. It is located in the Chatham Island and this place is all about wood processing and hand crafted wood products. After stepping in this Sawmill, people will come across a variety of quality woods. Inside the Chatham Saw Mill, there’s a Museum named as ‘Forest Museum’ which displays the handicraft items and furniture made from the pure wood of Andaman. This place is surely a top attraction for the visitors.

Finally,Port Blair is a place about learning, enjoying and relaxing at the same time. There are lots of places in Port Blair other than the above mentioned ones where people can visit with their family and friends.

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