Best Beaches in Port Blair

As we all know that Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the Beach Capital of India, and Port Blair is the heart of it, people from all around the world visit Port Blair for some quality time with their families or alone as a tourist to explore the city. Beach is the place where everybody can enjoy some time according to their own style and comfort. Port Blair has many exotic beaches which are known for their soothing natural beauty. Beaches can add more fun and excitement to your Port Blair holiday trip. Port Blair beaches are there for both tranquility and adventure lovers. Those who just want to enjoy the weather and clear blue water, and those who love thrills and adventures are welcome in the Port Blair beaches.

Best Beaches in Port Blair

1. Corbyn’s Cove Beach:

This beach is located 8km away from Port Blair and is the most crowded beach of Andaman. For the Port Blair tourists, it is the closest and the busiest beach. Corbyn’s Cove Beach is special because of the numerous entertainment options it offers. There’s a jet ski option available for the excited adventurous people while others can relax on benches by the beach with fresh drinks. There is a beach-facing restaurant that serves delicious food, hygienic bathrooms and changing rooms. Corbyn’s Cove Beach is surrounded by beautiful coconut palms which are a perfect visual treat for the people around. Sometimes, crocodiles can also be found there but you have nothing to worry about since the beach authority takes care of them. This beach is a must visit for Andaman tourists as it is the most lovable spot of Port Blair.

2. Collinpur Beach

This beach is 36km away from Port Blair and is the second closest beach for tourists.It can be easilyaccessed by the road and there is no need to take ferries. Unlike Corbyn’s Cove, Collinpur Beach is not crowded much and hence less dirty. The best thingsof this beach are the clean and clear water and a peaceful environment. Collinpur Beach is not considered to be the most popular one and very few people visit it. But for many people, this is the perfect situation. Collinpur Beach is excellent forcouples on their honeymoons who prefer serene beaches and a peaceful environment with soothing water waves crossing through their feet. Most of the visitors will find this beach nearly empty after reaching here and for them it will be an untouched heaven on earth.

3. Wandoor Beache

This beach is 25km away from Port Blair and it will take around 40-50 minutes to reach there by boat. Wandoor is a quiet beach suitable for swimming. It is a famous tourist location because of its fascinating beauty. Wandoor is comparatively a clean and sandy beach. People visiting Wandoor can also go to the Jolly Buoy Island which is famous for its water sports. This place is very near to Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park which has a museum as well. Wandoor beach is famous for its glass boats and corals. The glass boats will let you see through the water and thus you will be able to see the corals very clearly. A number of people visit there for swimming and locating corals. There are also little shops/cafes for some refreshments and snacks. The boat is left from the Wandoor Beach at 9a.m. and comes back at 3 p.m.

4. North Bay Beach

North Bay Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Port Blair. It is situated in the north of Port Blair and is only 15 minutes away from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex which is popular for various water sports. You may not know that the North Bay Beach is drawn on the 20 Indian Rupees. This place is not suitable for swimming but it offers sea-strolling which is the least demanding water sport in Andaman. You may find this beach interesting, as it will also let you walk on the sea bed to get closure to the rich marine life and corals. There’s also a Lighthouse located at North Bay Beach where people can enjoy lighthouse trekking. The best time to visit the North Bay Beach is the day time as it looks beautiful and pretty under the sun. The North Bay Beach is mainly famous for its water sports and boat rides to other islands like Ross Island..

5. MundaPahar Beach

This beach is only 25km away from Port Blair and is located in ChidiyaTapu. ChidiyaTapu is filled with the beauty of nature; therefore, the MundaPahar beach is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. The bright sunrays highlighting the wild mangrove is simply a treat to watch. A tour to Port Blair is incomplete without a visit to MundaPahar Beach. This beach has a sunset point which is very fascinating and peaceful. The MundaPahar Beach is not a swimming place due to the rocky sea bed. Still, it is the most favorite spot for tourists who are nature lovers. MundaPahar Beach is also famous due to its adventurous side. People can trek their way to the South Andaman southernmost tip. The trek way is covered with the lavish green forest and in the end you’ll come across the most amazing waterfall in front of you. During the trek, you can rest on the benches in between the route and certain food will also be available in nearby restaurants. A trip to MundaPahar can turn into a perfect picnic day.

In conclusion, Port Blair is a well-known tourist spot and people from all around the world enjoy this place to have the time of their lives. This place can literally change a person. A trip to Port Blair is important for all types of people and thus you should keep it in consideration for your next vacation.

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