Activities in Havelock Island

Havelock Island is part of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands and part of the Indian territory. Havelock is a picturesque natural heaven due to its magnificent white sandy beaches. Coral reefs and greenery. The covers an area of about 113 square kilometers and located about 40 kilometers the group of Islands’ capital, Port Blair.

Havelock Island has gained popularity over time not only due to its magnificent sandy beaches and green tropical forest that covers the island but also due to the numerous fun and enjoyable activities that one can take part in when visiting the island.

The well-known beaches on the island are Radhanagar beach, Kala Patthar Beach, and Elephant beach. Havelock is also the most populated Island in the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands hence visits can get hospitality and guidance from the friendly locals. And due to this large population, the government of India has made the Island closer to the modern world by introducing basic requirements such as infrastructure, enough food, and high-quality accommodation. Making it one of the most visited of the group.

Major Activities in Havelock Island

While visiting Havelock Islands there are several activities that you can take part in for fun and entertainment such as trekking, scuba diving, fishing and much more... It is only a matter of taste and interest.

Bird Watching

Bird watching as well know is the keen study and observation of birds either by using the naked eyes or by the aid of a vision enhancing equipment such as a binocular. Havelock Island is surrounded by tropical forests and canopies and even on shore mangrove swamps, this vegetation provides the perfect breeding and nesting spots for several and unique species of birds. Some examples of popular birds in the Island are; the white-headed mynas, olive-backed sunbird, eastern bluebird, blue jay, long-winged harrier, Andaman Swallow and much more.

But bird watching also comes with seasons and timing i.e. most birds leave their nests very early in the morning to go seek food, making this the best time to go birding. On top of that, there is a time of the year when a large population of birds migrate from the north to the south to nest and avoid the winter.


With the abundance of tropical green forests and a variety of rare and unique wildlife in Havelock Island trekking has become one of the famous adventure spots in Havelock. There are a number trekking trails in the Havelock Island thicket. During the trekking one can get to see a variety of rare wildlife, colorful and beautiful butterflies and a variety of endemic birds throughout the wilderness.

It is also advised that the perfect time for trekking is between November and April and with the peak being between December and January.

Game Fishing

To those who love fishing Havelock is the perfect location as it is a breeding ground for various schools of fish as it is found in The Ritchie’s archipelago. The locals provide guidance in the sea for the perfect and well-known fishing grounds. On top of that, there are companies that provide fishing equipment and boats for hire.


This is one of the water sports that though new to the Island is currently gaining fame among locals and visitors. Its popularity is escalated by the safe and calm creeks of Havelock Island. So to the kayak enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to do what you love in paradise.

Elephant Riding

Most lumbering in Havelock Island is done using elephants. The one of the magnificent attraction in the Island is the view of elephants at work and them later on bathing and swimming in the sea after their work is complete. There is an Elephant training Camp controlled by The Forest Department at Kalapathar but the camp is also open to tourists who want to get rides on the elephants.

Scuba Diving

Havelock Island is popular for its scuba diving activities, due to its abundance of marine life hence provision for a variety of unique and spectacular diving sites. With the provision of modern equipment like oxygen cylinder and well-trained guides makes it possible to take part in deep sea scuba diving. The guides also show you the most magnificent sites to view and explore. These guides will also watch over you and ensure you are not only safe but also having fun.


You can go swimming at the beaches in Havelock Island; Radhanagar, Vijaynagar and Elephant beaches. These beaches have got calm and clear waters making swimming enjoyable and appealing. Some of the beaches also have shallow waters that enable or give room for both adults and children to swim.

In these shallow waters, one can take part in Snorkeling without any need for scuba diving equipment. But those who want to take part in deep sea Snorkeling or see walking can acquire scuba diving equipment and a guide from the registered scuba diving and water sporting complexes and organization.


Havelock Island is surrounded by magnificent and spectacular white sandy beaches; Radhanagar beach, Kala Patthar Beach, and Elephant beach.

Radhanagar beach

This beach is on the south coast of Havelock Island, the beach is one of a kind and was rated as one of the best beaches in the Asian Continent by TIME magazine. The beach is made of white sand with very fine grains.

Kala Patthar Beach

Still under establishment but already gaining popularity among touries due to is silver sand.

Elephant beach.

This beach is high on coral reef formation and spectacular marine like making it one of the top spots for snorkeling. To reach this beach one can take a 40-minute walk from Radhanagar beach, a 40-minute boat cruise from Havelock Jetty. But there are also private ferries that organize tours to Elephant Beach from Havelock.

Vijaynagar Beach.

This beach is found on the east coast of the Island and since it’s a long stretch of sand it forms a perfect place for long walks along the sea. It popular with the Mahua trees that provide shade for those who want to relax on the sea front.

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